Electric Golf Caddy Buying Guide

What matters most When Buying An Electric Golf CADDY


Size/Weight-No other electric golf caddy in the world folds smaller than QOD. This means it’s easy to carry and easy to store. QOD is easily folded and extended, in less than :30 seconds the cart is ready for play. QOD’s folded dimensions are 17” x 15” x 12” which makes it 60% more compact than all motorized and manual golf push caddie carts. The cart weighs only 24 pounds and the lithium battery just 5 pounds.

NO Remote Control-We always thought we wanted a remote control golf cart until we actually started using one. We ended up playing remote instead of playing golf. Always having to be looking for obstacles on the course, such as cart path curbs, meant our focus was on the cart instead of our game, and we often needed to manually maneuver the cart anyway. Add to that the constant clicking from left to right to keep the cart going "straight" and then having to keep a remote in our pocket or on our bag with the hope of not losing it just added more anxiety to our round. QOD was intentionally designed without a remote because the focus has always been to enjoy the walk.

Variable Speed Control-Find your perfect walking speed by using any of the caddy's 9 speed variations. Increase or decrease the speed at any time with the touch of a button or turn of a knob.

Cart-Advance Technology- Want to advance your caddy to the next tee, or to your own ball while you look for your partner’s ball? No problem, choose between three timed options of :10, :20, or :30 seconds and the electric cart will advance and stop on its own.

Constant Free-Wheel Mode-Most competitors require disengaging the wheels from the axle and disconnecting power in order to use free-wheel mode. With QOD you are always in free-wheel mode, which means you can easily maneuver arounds greens or in parking lots without using the motor, or if you forget to charge your battery you’ll never be stranded on the course (or laughed at by your friends).

USB Power Port-Never worry about any of your mobile devices dying on the course again. Use your phone’s GPS app without fear of draining your battery, or just give your cell phone a good charge during the round. With QOD’s built in power supply port you’ll always have a charge when you need it.


Durability-Nothing is more important than buying an electric golf caddy that will stand the test of time. Because of our attention to detail in the manufacturing process, we are able to offer the longest warranty on any electric golf push cart with confidence. We build our injection molded frames with an incredibly durable compound, Nylon 66, and aircraft grade aluminum in our dedicated production center in Australia. We do not have welding on our carts, so there are NO WEAK joints prone to breaking.

Powerful Motor- Our whisper quiet 180 watt motor is powerful enough for the hilliest of courses and can carry any size bag with all the things you could possibly need on a golf course packed into it.

Excellent Battery- QOD is powered with the smallest and lightest lithium-ion battery of its kind. A single charge allows you to play 36 holes per day and the battery will recharge it in less than 4 hours. You must recharge your battery every time you play. Battery is backed by a 500 round/3 year warranty and weighs less than 5 lbs.

Weather Safe Housing- QOD’s custom molded housing ensures that all of the components will operate flawlessly in golf’s worst weather. We made sure to properly enclose all of the most important components of the motorized golf cart and not leave any parts exposed and vulnerable to rust or failure.