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Golf Slow Play

Golf's Slow Play Dilemma - Why hasn't it been addressed?

February 19, 2019

Slow play in golf has been an ongoing issue on the PGA and European Tours for years and despite united calls for change, no meaningful action has been taken. We break down why this is and suggest what could be done to make things right.
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Electric Golf Caddy PGA Show

Can Electric Golf Caddies capitalize on golf's image change?

February 14, 2019

With so many new push carts, electric golf caddies, bikes and scooters on display at the PGA show in January, is the bubble ready to burst on America's love affair with the traditional golf riding cart? There's still a long way to go... 

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Motorized Golf Push Carts Health Benefits

Electric Golf Caddy Health Benefits

August 22, 2018

Numerous studies have shown just how good walking the golf course can be for your health, especially if you save your back the pain of carrying or pushing and use an electric golf caddy. We've outlined our top four health benefits here.
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QOD Electric Golf Push Cart Review By The Sandtrap

QOD Electric Golf Push Cart Review By The Sandtrap

July 10, 2018

Golf's leading online forum for golf equipment, news, and reviews, the has done the most extensive review of the QOD Electric Golf Caddy to date, and it was done by their Owner and Editor-in-Chief no less, Erik J. Barzeski.
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