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My name is Malachi McGlone and I'm addicted to golf. Following wrist surgery in 2009 my doctor told me the lifting of my bag onto my shoulder repeatedly throughout a round of golf was really harmful to my wrist and that I needed to switch to using a push cart if I wanted to continue walking while playing golf. After getting over my ego and buying a push cart, I quickly realized there was a different kind of wear and tear on my body from using a push cart that was negatively affecting my back, forearms, and hamstrings. I was more tired towards the end of the round and I was starting to have more consistent back pain than ever before. 

So I began researching motorized push carts and regrettably invested in some of the most popular carts in the marketplace, only to have them both breakdown within the first year. Determined to find a better solution, I began researching carts from all over the world and found the press release for the Golf Europe Award given to the QOD electric golf trolley and decided to call their offices in Sydney to see if I could buy one. Well after purchasing and using the QOD motorized golf cart for eighteen months with great satisfaction, I approached the company about launching QOD Golf in the United States and bringing the world’s most reliable battery powered push cart to the our golf community, and a year later I am the proud 
distributor of what I believe are the best electric golf caddies in the world. We are QOD GOLF USA.

As a fellow golfer who not long ago was just like you, looking for a reliable motorized golf push cart, I want you to know how serious I am about making sure you are completely satisfied with your experience with our company. Should you have any questions during your shopping experience, please don't hesitate to call any time. There is a lot of confusing technical jargon on some websites about battery and motor specifications, and I know when I was shopping for a caddie I was thoroughly confused about what mattered most, but I believe a company's warranty tells you a lot about the quality of product they are delivering.

And even after your purchase, we will always be here to help. Whether during your warranty coverage or long after, our goal is to see that you are able to play better, feel better, and most importantly, enjoy the walk.

Malachi McGlone Owner QOD Golf USA selling Electric golf trolleys


QOD Golf Int'l was founded in 2011 by avid golfer and product developer Collin Hiss in Sydney, Australia.
Motivated by the frustration that he and his wife could not fit their motorized golf carts into their trunk to go play golf, he set out to design the world's most compact electric golf trolley. 
As with most product developers, he began his journey by utilizing Chinese manufacturers to execute his vision but was continually disappointed in the overall quality and attention to detail. With the resolute belief that if he couldn't deliver the highest quality cart in the world, it wasn't worth doing, he decided to go all-in on his investment and move the entire operation to Sydney where he hired a staff of engineers and outfitted his own manufacturing center so that he could personally supervise all aspects of design and production.

His investment and dedication paid off when the QOD trolley was awarded the prestigious Golf Europe Product Award beating out all of the competition on the criteria of functionality, degree of innovation, user friendliness, design, style, and cost-benefit ratio. 

We look forward to leading you down the fairway for years to come. 


...enjoy the walk.

Malachi McGlone

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