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electric golf push carts help lower scores

There’s a reason why every professional golfer in the world uses a caddy; when you use your energy for executing shots instead of hauling your clubs you simply play better. An article on pgatour.com revealed this fact when it featured a study by Dr. Neil Wolkodorf, of the Center for Health & Sport Science, in which he had the same golfers play nine holes carrying their bag, using a push cart, and riding in a cart multiple times over several days.

The average scores were: 40 using a push cart; 43 riding in a cart; and 45 carrying their own bag. That’s a 10 stroke difference over 18 holes!

It’s time to start playing to your potential, winning more matches, and having more fun!
motorized push carts golf for bad backs pain


pain free golf

The American Journal of Sports Medicine published a report stating that golfers who regularly carry their clubs suffered significantly more injuries to the lower back, shoulder, and ankle. In fact, it said that carrying your bag for just 9 holes causes the spine to shrink 6mm.

While it’s obvious how using a manual push-cart could promote poor posture and put additional stress on the wrist, ankle, and shoulder joints, many people fail to recognize how much pain riding in a cart can cause as your spine is compressed, discs are aggravated and nerves are irritated.

Walking without the strain of carrying or pushing your clubs allows your body to avoid movements that increase the likelihood of unwanted pain.


electronic golf push carts

A team of researchers from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden conducted a study on the health effects of golf by looking at the mortality rate of men and women of the same age, gender, and socioeconomic status and found that golfers who walk have a life expectancy FIVE years longer than non-golfers. Their findings were based on data collected from 300,000 people and the results were published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports.

How much value can you put on something that adds five more years to your life?
battery powered golf push cart provide health benefits
motorized golf push cart compact


electric golf trollies

Walking a golf course can burn up to 2,000 calories, so it’s no surprise that a study published in the American Journal of Medicine revealed subjects who walked while playing golf lost weight, lowered cholesterol, and reduced their blood glucose levels by up to 30%.

Walking while playing will help you look better, feel better, and keep the doctor off your back (pun intended).


electric golf push cart USA service and support

Our dedicated team of golfheads at QOD GOLF USA appreciate how important it is to have reliable equipment. If you ever have a question or an issue with you cart we will always be happy to give you the service you deserve, even long after your three-year warranty ends. We look forward to being a part of your journey to playing better and feeling better, so you can enjoy the walk.

electric golf caddy small motorized golf push cart
motorized golf push carts


Size/Weight- No other motorized golf push cart in the world folds smaller than   QOD. This means it’s easy to carry and easy to store. QOD is easily folded and extended, in less than :30 seconds the cart is ready for play. QOD’s folded dimensions are 17.5" x 14.5" x 13.5” which makes it 60% more compact than most motorized golf push carts.

NO Remote Control- We used to think we wanted a remote control golf caddy until we actually started using one. We ended up playing remote instead of playing golf. Always having to be looking for obstacles on the course, such as cart path curbs, meant our focus was on the golf cart instead of our game, and we often needed to manually maneuver the trolley anyway. Add to that the constant clicking from left to right to keep the cart going "straight" and then having to keep a remote in our pocket or on our bag with the hope of not losing it just added more anxiety to our round. QOD was intentionally designed without a remote because the focus has always been to enjoy the walk.

Variable Speed Control- Find your perfect walking speed by using any of the electric trolleys 9 speed variations. Increase or decrease the speed at any time with the touch of a button or turn of a knob.

Cart Advance Technology- Want to advance your cart to the next tee, or to your own ball while you look for your partner’s ball? No problem, choose between three timed options of :10, :20, or :30 seconds and the motorized golf cart will advance and stop on its own.

Constant Free Wheel Mode- Most electric golf caddy carts require disengaging the wheels from the axle and disconnecting power in order to use free wheel mode. With QOD you are always in free wheel mode, which means you can easily maneuver arounds greens or in parking lots without using the motor, or if you forget to charge your battery you’ll never be stranded on the course and laughed at by your friends.

USB Power Port- Never worry about any of your mobile devices dying on the course again. Use your phone’s GPS app without fear of draining your battery, or just give your cell phone a good charge during the round. With the QOD golf caddy's built in power supply port you’ll always have a charge when you need it.


Durability- Nothing is more important than buying a push cart that will stand the test of time. Because of our attention to detail in the manufacturing process, we know the quality of product we are making and can therefore offer the longest warranty on any motorized golf push cart. We build our injection molded frames with an incredibly durable compound, Nylon 66, and aircraft grade aluminum in our dedicated production center in Australia. We do not have welding on our carts, so there are NO WEAK joints prone to breaking.

Powerful Motor- Our whisper quiet 180 watt motor is powerful enough for the hilliest of courses and can carry any size bag with all the things you could possibly need on a golf course packed into it.

Excellent Battery- QOD is powered with an 18aH lightweight lithium-ion battery tested and certified to meet the UN DOT 38.3 safety standard. Play over 36 holes in a single day and recharge it in less than 4 hours. The lithium battery is backed by a 3 year warranty and weighs just 5 lbs.

Weather Safe Housing- QOD’s custom molded housing ensures that all of the components will operate flawlessly in golf’s worst weather. While many electric golf push carts have exposed parts that are prone to rust and water damage, the QOD motorized push cart does not.

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