May 25, 2017

As golfers, we all enjoy the never-ending pursuit of the perfect shot or shooting our lowest round ever, but in between those rare days on the links we find our joy on the course comes from the company of friends, and strangers, the beauty of the outdoors, and that peaceful feeling we have as we stroll down the fairway through the early morning dew or into the setting sun. This is why golf is and always has been a walking sport.   

Once we got our ego to quiet down we began the shopping process and spent months researching electric golf trollies, until ultimately deciding to buy the fanciest electric golf caddy we could find, with every gadget you could ever want attached to it.

Admittedly it took our egos a few years to be ok with buying an electric golf caddy. It wasn’t until the 80-year-old version of ourselves weighed in with the thought that reducing the wear and tear on our bodies at an earlier age and consequently extending our golf career was worth every penny and every ounce of pride we had to swallow.

Although our first motorized golf push cart was a remote-controlled golf caddy, it wasn’t long before we realized that using a remote control on the golf course was much more of a hassle than it was a luxury. Instead of playing golf, we were usually just “playing remote” as it required constant attention, not only to steer between cart-path curbs and other obstacles you find on every golf course, but also keeping track of where we kept our “garage door opener” in between shots. All of this while dealing with some mechanical failures that these electronic caddy carts are notorious for having.

A short time later we discovered a press release for the best new product award at the Golf Europe show for the QOD Electric Golf Trolley and had one shipped from Australia.

We soon discovered we were playing better and feeling more fit because our focus was on the shot in front of us and our body was conserving energy to hit shots, instead of feeling the pain or fatigue that we used to have while carrying our bag or pushing a manual cart.

After purchasing and using the QOD electric trolleyfor over a year with great satisfaction, we approached the Australian manufacturer about launching QOD Golf in the United States and bringing the world’s most reliable battery powered push cart to our golf community here. After a year of planning, we proudly became the exclusive USA distributor of what we believe are the best electric golf caddies in the world. We are QOD GOLF USA.

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