February 12, 2018

2018 Electric Golf Trolley & Motorized Golf Push Carts gain momentum and positive reviews in the new year.

"This electric golf caddy is absolutely fantastic. If they gave away an award for new product of the Denver Golf Expo, I’d put my vote right here."

Jerry Walters- Recognized as the Media Person of the Year for both the Colorado Golf Association (2001 & 2010) and the Colorado Section of the PGA (2003 & 2015)

QOD Golf USA owner Malachi McGlone is interviewed by local legend Jerry Walters and Ray Best III on their "In The Fairway" radio show at Denver's 2018 Golf Expo.


Jerry Walters:  Hey Jerry Walters with cousin Ray Best, here with a very special edition of In The Fairway broadcasting live today from the Denver Golf Expo. If you're coming up, please stop by the booth, you can't miss us. You know, we talked about in the first segment the fact that there are a lot of new exhibitors this year. I went through the list and looked at some of these up online and one of the ones I was most attracted to is the electric golf caddy by QOD, which stands for Quality of Design. Colorado is pretty much a walking golfers community and outdoor community. If the golf course lends itself to walking, I'm going to try to walk as much as I can. Joining us now is the owner of this company selling this new powered golf caddy cart, Malachi McGlone. Hey, thanks so much for stopping by and being with us here.

Malachi McGlone: Absolutely, so QOD Golf has been around for eight years and the QOD electric golf trolley is manufactured and designed in Sydney, Australia. Three years ago as a golfer myself, I was shopping for an electric golf caddy. Long story short, after trying a couple of different electric golf trollies, I had a cousin in Australia who recommended the QOD golf buggie to me. I bought it before it was even available here, fell in love with the trolley, had friends who bought it and I was like, this motorized caddy cart is the real deal. And I went back to the manufacturer and I said, hey, you need to be in the USA. And I gave up my previous career and started selling what I believe is the best electric golf caddy cart in the U.S.A.

Jerry Walters: And, and going by the booth, it was kind of funny you said that somebody came up to you and saw the QOD in its folded-up position, this is a very small electric golf push cart, its very compact golf trolley, and someone wanted to know if that was the junior version? 

Malachi McGlone: Yeah. And it happens all day and it's funny, some of the things, you know when you're advertising or marketing a product, you think, OK, how do we present this? And then other things just happen organically and the electric caddy cart is sitting there folded, and I'm telling you, 90 percent of the people think we have two models of electric golf caddies. They look at this golf trolley and they go, oh, so this is like the junior version? This is like the full-size version? And it's like, no, this motorized push cart unfolds into that. So then I take it off the little display and open it up for them. Then that's when the wow factor happens. The QOD is the smallest electric golf push cart in the world.

Ray Best III: We're speaking to Malachi McGlone with the QOD, we're talking quality of design. We're talking about a powered golf push cart now. That's the thing that we haven't talked about yet, it's a powered golf trolley, it's a motorized push cart, we talked off the air and I think this is important. I want you to tell people why is it important. A lot of people like to walk, just like Jerry saying. And so kind of go through what you did, why you used it, and why it's beneficial for people here.

Malachi McGlone: Absolutely, well you know there's a number of reasons why using electric golf caddy helps your golf game. There are several studies that have been done on the fact that you play better when you're walking the golf course. You're taking in the course, you're looking at the terrain, you're looking at the green as you approach the green, also, the physical exercise you get when you're walking a golf course is good for you, your body needs to move and your joints want to stay lubricated, but the wear and tear on your body from carrying a golf bag or pushing your golf clubs is not good for you. You're walking with bad posture, you're walking lopsided, etc.  Carrying a golf bag is not good for a number of reasons, and also riding in a golf cart is not good for your health either, not just because you're not getting the exercise, but the reality is you're bouncing around on a bench for five minutes in between rotating your spine as hard as you possibly can. So how well is your back going to hold up if you want to play golf for the next 30, 40 years? So the next best thing, the best way to play golf obviously is with a golf caddy. That's why everybody on tour does it and it's the most fun and it's the easiest way to play golf. So what's the next best thing? It's an electric golf push cartthat will carry my golf bag so that I don't have to push the cart and I don't have to carry my bag.

Ray Best III: You know what's funny is I was thinking when I was looking at this, it's so different from back in the day. Yeah. We talked about that because I was in the golf industry for quite a while and I never once bought a powered golf push cart before and we kind of talked about the frustration of the old models. So when you said the golf caddy cart is only 25 pounds, that's ideal. When you think about who your demographics are, who your golf customers are, I got to think a lot of them are senior citizens and if you can't get it in and out of the car, in and out of the trunk, you lost the sale, right?

Malachi McGlone: Absolutely. Yeah. And the standard golf pushcart that you'll find in the market, you know, is about 20 pounds. So that extra five pounds is what a motor and a controller weigh. And another cool thing about the QOD electric golf caddy is the battery is only five pounds. You can leave the push golf cart in the car. All you gotta do is take this little five-pound lithium-ion battery in the house and plug it into a standard wall.

Ray Best III: Right? Yeah. Cause I remember, I remember I had a guy who actually pulled his powered golf push cart into his garage and he had to like have like a third garage. So this is just amazing. Uh, how long is the battery charge?

Malachi McGlone: It'll charge in less than four hours, depending on the golf course you play, and once it's charged, it can go 36 holes without any problem in a single day.

Jerry Walters: That's fantastic.

Malachi McGlone: The advancement of the technology of what we're talking about, the old school motorized golf push cart, it's not only that they were bigger, heavier, bulkier, but you were using a lead-acid battery. This is a lithium-ion battery and that's the difference in the technology. So I charge my lithium-ion battery, and it usually charges in about three hours with the course that I play at. I've never even gotten to the 50 percent level of the battery reading after playing 18 holes. We also have a USB port on the handlebars of the golf caddie, so this is the cool part for me, so I use a gps app on my phone or my yardage and I keep my score on here too. We have a phone holder that attaches to the electric push caddy cart and so with a USB cable, it plugs directly into the golf trolley.

Jerry Walters: I've got a golf push cart already, but I'm sold. For our listeners, once again, we're talking with Malachi McGlone who is the USA distributor for the QOD Electric Golf Caddy Cart, but look it up, it's QOD, look it up online at https://qodgolfusa.com and take a look at it. You'll see Malachi doing all the videos there. It's pretty interesting when you see this because as we've talked about, its got to fold up, its gotta be small. Its such a compact push cart, and it's very portable. You gotta be able to get it in and out of your car, but man, I tell you, man, I am sold on this electric golf trolley.

Ray Best III: You can check off a lot of things that you're looking for with this golf push cart, which I think, like you said before, not having a powered golf cart and having the old battery powered golf carts, it's all together now. That USB and keeping your phone charged at a hundred percent, that's awesome.

Malachi McGlone: The next level of what you guys are describing, the next factor of all of this is warranty. If I'm going to spend that kind of money for a powered golf caddy, the question is are you going to back it up as a company? What we set out to do, the designer who designed the QOD golf caddy, he said, I'm going to build the most reliable electric trolley in the world, and it's also going to be the most compact electric golf trolley in the USA. We have a three-year warranty on the golf push cart and the lithium-ion battery, that kind of peace of mind is, you know, in year two, 10 months, your battery craps out on you. You give us a call, we send you a new lithium-ion battery. That's huge.

Jerry Walters: Hey, uh, let me ask you before we have to say goodbye. Uh, we, we've got one day of the show under our belt. I wasn't here yesterday, but how has the Golf Expo been for you.

Malachi McGlone: It was awesome.

Jerry Walters: You're busy all the time over there aren't?

Malachi McGlone: Yeah. And honestly we had no idea what to expect but we have a lot of golf customers from Colorado already and I said, look, if we're going to do a golf show, a regional golf show, I want to go to Denver because there's such a, it's obvious online, the amount of walking golfers coming to our site from this area. Um, so yesterday the doors opened and it was nonstop. I think we had our first granola bar around 4:30 in the afternoon because there was absolutely no time from 9AM on to even take a bite of anything.

Ray Best III: That's funny, when Jerry and I went over there earlier just to talk to Malachi, there are people all over the place. There was a guy pushing the QOD, there was a guy showing how easy it is to fold the push cart, you guys are crowded over there.

Jerry Walters: Malachi, thanks so much for spending time with us man. This electric golf caddy is absolutely fantastic. Would you walk buddy if you had one of these?

Ray Best III: You know, like Malachi was saying, I have always loved having a golf caddy, you know, so a motorized golf caddy, I'm fine with that.

Jerry Walters: All right. We're going to take a quick break and then when we come back, uh, once again, you may not recognize the name, but I know you know the guy he worked with Jason Day's mentor, a caddy coach for all these years. Colin Swatton and will be joining us here, right on the, on sports radio, 104.3 The Fan.


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